The expresses exactly how i feel right now. 
Another one of those rants.

I wanted to believe you. what i did tonight was really hard. Walking away from you was hard. cause i did really care for you. But you lied, you tried to use me. But when you figured out you wren’t going to get what you wanted you went to her. She doesn’t deserve to have her feelings toyed with like that. and neither do I. You sat there tonight telling her you loved her. Then you looked at me and said you loved me. and asked why it was so bad to love to beautiful girls. Come on now yes you love her you were together for 3 years. yes we were only seeing each other for 3 weeks. There was no way you loved me. You said it cause you thought it was something i wanted to hear so you could get what you wanted. Well i never believed you loved me. I may be younger then you but i am not that stupid. I was played before just a few months before you played me. Yes it hurts to know that every kiss was a lie. But Tonight while the three of us where all face to face, any and all feelings i had from you weren’t there anymore.  Leaving her apartment tonight, looking you in the eye and telling you to lose my number was really hard. But i am glad i did it. I deserve so much better then you. And you know what she deserves so much better then you. moving on with my life. I hope she gets free from you soon. have a nice life asshole. 

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